The History of Blood & Iron

Tom Clarke

Owner and Designer

(Continual employee of the month)

How Blood & Iron came to be

This was all an accident or if you believe in that stuff, this is completely the predestined path I was always meant to take.

At 19 years of age I was a broke, unemployed drummer in a local metal band, who went out each weekend to participate in the world of re-enactment.

But after seeing a small advertisement for a job that didn’t require me to have any previous skill set or knowledge about the industry, I found myself as an apprentice for one of the most respected jewellery manufacturers in Australia.

I spent my apprenticeship moving through the company learning new skills, signing off more modules in my apprenticeship but not really finding my feet in the industry until I landed in the casting and mold making department. I would stay in this department for the rest of my apprenticeship honing not just large scale manufacturing skills but my more intricate hand carving. At the end of my apprenticeship (+8 months) I managed this team briefly until the lure of overseas called.

I spent 3 years living and working in the UK and while the work I did wasn’t the same as back in Australia, my hobby of re-enactment fighting was.

During these 3 years I spent so many weekends visiting castles, historic houses and museums; looking at incredible armor from across the centuries and the most incredible jewellery pieces. When I tried to find similar pieces to use at re-enactment events I was met with the same problem, either it:

A. Didn’t exist

B. Was incredibly expensive

C. Was poorly made

D. Was B&C combined

So the original idea of Blood and Iron Jewellery was born. I would use the inspiration across the centuries to create high quality jewellery and findings for all forms of historical re-enactment, Live Action Role Playing and cosplay.

It was slow beginnings but now here I am, back in Australia and ready to use my skills to make really beautiful pieces for a hobby that I love.